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Glowing Drops 3D Liquid Highlighter + Eye Shadow + Full HD Lashes Mascara


Glowing Drops 3D Liquid Highlighter

It immediately illuminates your skin and gives it an extra glow. Silky and liquid formula. It does not smudge and is not heavy on the skin.

  • guarantees phenomenally fresh and radiant look
  • optically rejuvenates the skin and eliminates signs of fatigue
  • ideal for the strobing makeup technique
  • to be used in spots on various parts of your face and body
  • with a formula containing wheat germ oil and betaine
  • with a pipette for easy dosing
Eye Shadow

Leaves a captivating, intense shine on the eyelids. Thanks to the creamy-powder consistency, it is easy to apply and does not accumulate in skin creases.

  • extremely efficient and durable, it lasts all day
  • quickly adheres to the eyelids, giving them a stunning glow
  • non-sticky formula does not flake off

Full HD Lashes Mascara

Give your eyelashes the spectacular, multi-dimensional FULL HD effect inspired by the look of Hollywood stars straight from the red carpet. Thanks to its advanced formula, the mascara will make your eyelashes extremely thick, flirtatiously curly and maximally long. The specially designed wand will precisely separate and define each eyelash, even the shortest one.

• its formula ensures velvety finish without clumping
• no migration or smudges
• contains waxes that nourish the eyelashes improving their condition
• perfectly lifted and optically denser eyelashes after the first application
• thanks to the walnut extract and the innovative hexapeptide-1, it gives a subtle effect of tinted eyelashes



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