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Complete Care – Gums Protection Toothpaste + Mild Mint Mouthwash + Shower Gel + Deeply Moisturizing Body Lotion


Gums Protection Toothpaste

Thanks to a specialised formula developed by experts, it ensures comprehensive aid for people dealing with the problem of sensitive gums and provides effective periodontal preventive care. A unique combination of active substances ensures triple action: it soothes irritated gums, regenerates them, restoring comfort in the oral cavity, and protects them by making them less prone to micro-damage. A gentle formula effectively cleans your teeth, preventing the formation of tartar.

◾ triple action: it soothes irritated gums, regenerates them and protects them from micro-damage
◾ it provides excellent periodontal preventive care
◾ designed for adults


Mild Mint Mouthwash

Thanks to its highly specialised formula, it is a perfect addition to your everyday oral cavity care routine. It effectively reaches places that are not easily accessible to a toothbrush, helping you take excellent care of your oral cavity. The mild mint flavour gives you the feeling of a clean oral cavity and fresh breath for a long time. The perfectly developed liquid formula does not contain any artificial colourants.

– a carefully developed formula without alcohol prevents the formation of plaque – one of the key causes of decay, periodontitis and tartar
– it ensures fresh breath for a long time ` it does not contain alcohol
– designed for adults


Shower Gel

Perfectly cleanses the skin leaving the feeling of softness. For all skin types, even for children from 3 years of age. Contains the almond oil, which prevents the skin from lack of moisture and intensively moisturises and smoothes the skin. The panthenol and alatonin has soothing properties.

– creates a delicate foam and contains gentle washing ingredients


Deeply Moisturizing Body Lotion

The rich formula of the lotion contains, among others, almond oil, coconut oil, panthenol, allantoin and bisabolol, makes the skin deeply moisturised, nourished and increases its elasticity. The lotion perfectly smoothens rough and dry skin surface, leaving it soft and smooth.

– thanks to carefully selected formula, it subtly oils the skin, providing with the immediate feeling of comfort and moisture
– it has a soothing and relieving effect, and protects the skin from drying out



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